Me. Magnified.


Adrian Bobb – Artist living and working in Montreal as a Graphic Designer.

Brain Sauce – Great friends and musicians. I did the photography for their first album.

Cameron Wiest – DJ, Sound Engineer, and talented all around.

Cyrus Ghahremani – Talented former So-Cal resident.

DungeonCrawl – Feature film’s website.

Globe Theatre – Canada’s only perminant theatre in the round stage.

IKG Films – Preston Kanak’s film company.

Jawbone Studios – Eric LaFrance’s recording studio.

Keyanna – Extremely talented young woman.

Live Out Loud – KJ Konkin – Follow the adventures of Mortlach’s newest Artist in Residence.

Lowebrau – Mark Lowe’s noise. He is also Mossbank’s current Artist in Residence.

LunarTheory – Jared Robinson’s magical musical side project.

Nebulus Entertainment – Jared Robinson’s recording studio.

Pass The Hat (Formerly Queen City Comedy) – This is who I do stand up comedy with.

Theset – Hailing from Victoria, B.C. My favorite band.

Vigigames – Games in context. Not your everyday game reviews.


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